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Razer Sabertooth surface issues

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by Helldiver17, Feb 29, 2016.

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  1. HelldiverL9

    HelldiverL9 Active Member

    So I bought a used Razer Sabertooth recently and here's the lay down of what the seller told me: He only used it three times: First time to look at it, second time to play a game with it, and the third time to take the picture to put it up for sale.

    So I went and met up with the guy and being in a rush, I just roughly checked the controller and then immediately paid and left - much to my regret.

    The controller's rubber surface is shit. It's sticky and its scratched and all that - can't blame the scratches from a used controller, but I'm talking more on the damned rubber surface of the Sabertooth here. I have already wiped the damned thing down with methylated spirit which made the surface slightly back to normal, I'm assuming as I've never actually held a brand new Sabertooth before.

    Dust clings to the damn controller like moth to light, and worse of all - its all the little dusts and whatnot from the inside of the Sabertooth's carrying case itself! Yes, I know I bought it used, but still - to have these kind of issues its a bit of a bother to me. Its also very prone to scratches now, or perhaps it always has been?

    I want to know if anyone is experiencing the same issue of the dusts and stickiness too? Or is the controller supposed to feel slightly sticky and prone to dust sticking all over the damned thing?

    Why do manufacturers even bother with putting these kinds of rubbery layers on to peripherals anyway? There are other matte finishes that can still maintain grip (ala the Dualshock 4, for example).
  2. mike89conde

    mike89conde Member

    You sure he wasn't grubbing while gaming? I don't notice my sabertooth's surface being sticky. It is a matte surface so any scratches and dings would still be plain as day noticeable but my only suggestion, since it is bought second hand and if the warranty is no longer valid, is to take it apart and wash the controller down more rigorously.
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  3. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

  4. HelldiverL9

    HelldiverL9 Active Member

    I cleaned it gently again with the methylated spirit and dusted it off with an anti-static brush and the surface is slightly better now.

    I'm not using the rubber green caps though, they seem to give off a lot of rubber dusts all over my controller :eek_:
  5. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

    This isn't really an issue for me, I just clean it from time to time. It feels better for me with the green caps anyway. ^^
  6. HelldiverL9

    HelldiverL9 Active Member

    The good news now: I've let the controller sit out in the open for a day or two and it feels slightly better - or maybe I am just getting used to it. Either way, the controller is going to be a keeper for me as of now. :eek_:
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