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Register to Pre-order the Razer Nabu X - Wave 1

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. Jmonkey9

    Jmonkey9 New Member

    1. I love the nabuX
  2. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    The cap is not 500, we will have 500 units up for grabs.
  3. oZZZZ

    oZZZZ New Member

  4. Paul_w

    Paul_w New Member

    So excited!!
  5. sightdailyTaupe645

    sightdailyTaupe645 New Member

    My warehouse co-workers gonna be jelly!
  6. Jmonkey9

    Jmonkey9 New Member

    I really like it
  7. Aquifel

    Aquifel New Member

    I think that the cap refers to actual ordering on, i believe the 15th? I think thats the one that will close as soon as they hit 500. The wording is very confusing in places though, so i could see it going either way.
  8. FriedTofuDOta2

    FriedTofuDOta2 New Member

    are we looking for 500 cap or 1000 cap? its been a while but reg is still open..
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    i noticed you were posting similar small posts in a row on this thread.
  9. Serious question: am I aloud to spam 8 times here in order to get 8 posts in order to qualify as a RazerInsider in order to register for this Nabu X?

    EDIT: I just read the above message. :slightly_sad:

    EDIT 2: Where does it say constructive messages?
  10. there is only 500 units the register cap is not 500. From what i've read and seen.
  11. Sillymike

    Sillymike Member

    Ohhh... okay now i can relax and wait for the conversation haha XD
  12. JesterQ

    JesterQ Member

    What happened to the 26th for EU ?
  13. kscx0

    kscx0 New Member

    I wish they put the cap at 500. That's not very nice! Regardless I am determined to buy one!:oops::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  14. FriedTofuDOta2

    FriedTofuDOta2 New Member

    500 units it means, 500 users needs to register right?
  15. Sillymike

    Sillymike Member

    I know... I even got up at 8AM just to do this registration... but now it hasn't even ended yet :slightly_sad:
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  16. isabel09

    isabel09 Active Member

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  17. SaxeZ

    SaxeZ Member

    OK good thanks it starts at 9pm for me.
  18. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    It is not the 26th today, we will be sure to keep our EU guys posted the moment registrations open.
  19. They're doing it first come first serve basis from all the people are qualified from registering or what ever the register cap is. Let say register cap is 1k, then 1k people will compete for the 500 units. Otherwise im pretty sure registration would of ended while ago
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