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Welcome to The Linux Corner!

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by Deleted member 368765, Feb 27, 2017.

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  1. domacs_no_id

    domacs_no_id New Member

    thanks for thinking about the linux people in the world :)

    - Presure on Nvidia for better Optimus support
    - Native spport for the the razer core
    - Maybe some cooperation with openSUSE since they are aewsome ( and green too ;-) )
    - Pre installed Linux
    - all razer software on linux (open source would be lovely)
    - please try to do not just support ubuntu
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  2. asoltesz_no_id

    asoltesz_no_id New Member

    Great news that Razer is stepping up its Linux game (hopefully more substantial steps will also follow after the new Forum section).

    When I was shopping for a 13 inch ultra-mobile Linux developer laptop, the XPS won out over the Razer because of the strong Linux support (I actually ordered it with Ubuntu 16.04 preinstalled)

    Actually, Linux is not based on any UNIX code base (like AIX and Solaris), only it is strongly compatible with UNIX standards, libraries, tools and workflows.

    macOS support is indeed problematic. Strong Linux support however, would make Razer products more appealing.
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  3. gruso_no_id

    gruso_no_id New Member

    I'm on my second gaming laptop. The first was AMD, the current is Nvidia. The issue of graphics switching has driven me back to Windows both times. I would love to see Razer help to push things along in this area, so Linux can have on-the-fly GPU switching equivalent to Windows (eg. Nvidia Optimus).

    I know there are community projects like Bumblebee, but they don't work for everyone, and don't offer the slick functionality that you get by default under Windows.
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  5. OlafLostViking

    OlafLostViking New Member

    Short-Term: choose components only, where you can get open source drivers in the vanilla kernel or push your suppliers to provide such drivers/enough data for others to be able to create drivers.

    And please don't mess up the ACPI & Co! *sigh*

    Long-Term: Ryzen-Vega-APU on Coreboot (of course using wifi chips etc. with OSS drivers). For such a 12"/13"-system, usable with a default Linux distribution and manufacturer service, I'd be finally willing to pay 2k again.
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  6. l0rdkadaj

    l0rdkadaj New Member

    As a Linux user on laptops, Ubuntu can be a really good operating system on Razer systems. This being said, it's not as perfect since the power management module isn't installed by default, causing laptops to lose battery life fast.
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  7. boxVioletWebever600

    boxVioletWebever600 New Member

    I've been running Ubuntu 16.10 on my Razer Blade Pro 2016 since I got it. It mostly works, there are some xorg issues every now and then.

    The only big issue is backlight control doesn't work - brightness keys are recognized and UI displays, but there are no entries in the sys/backlight directory so it is a no-op.
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  8. I would love to see some official Linux support. And I don't care about any touch screen functionality. As far as I see it, it's just a waste of battery.
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  9. boxVioletWebever600

    boxVioletWebever600 New Member

    Just to let you know, touch screen support seems to work perfectly on my blade pro. Just needed to install touchegg package.
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  10. clukawski

    clukawski New Member

    Please let me put 32GB of ram in the smaller versions of your laptops (the blade/blade stealth). And a pointing stick; I don't want to take my hands off the keyboard when I'm doing development and have to use a mouse.
  11. Mister_X_no_id

    Mister_X_no_id New Member

    If you could allow to choose the wireless card, that would be awesome so we wouldn't have to carry additional cards when doing wifi penetration testing.

    What I mean is that any card using ath9k (preferrably AR92xx or AR93xx as they can also do spectrum analysis) is awesome for WiFi penetration testing. I know you want to offer the latest and greatest 802.11ac/ad wireless card which is understandable but for now they are pretty bad when it comes to monitor and injection which is needed for penetration testing.

    So, what I mean, when configuring the laptop, allow to choose between an ath9k card or the latest and greatest card.

    If you could offer 2 wireless cards on a laptop, as an option, that would be even better (one ath9k and the other is latest and greatest).
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  12. Philotomy

    Philotomy New Member

    I registered an account just to comment on this. I'm a software developer looking to replace my Macbook Pro with a Linux laptop in the near future, so I'm pleased to hear that Razer is planning Linux support. That definitely influences my purchasing decision.
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  13. nerform

    nerform New Member

    Give us awesome linux laptop and I'm ready to switch.
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  14. higuita_no_id

    higuita_no_id New Member

    AMD Ryzen CPU, AMD GPU (because open drivers), keyboard with working backlight (for working in low light), working screen backlight control, touch point (so we can use the mouse without having to remove the hands of the keyboard), 3 real mouse buttons (not emulated in touchpad), working BIOS/ACPI, open source friendly wireless cards (ie: not broadcom nor other companies that do very little to support their hardware on linux).

    Working software/drivers for linux... but open source then, no closed source drivers nor programs, we want to expand and/or reduce their features and be able to use the hardware in 10 years with whatever distro/kernel/lib version or even port then to *BSD or other OS

    and of course, sell systems without windows! Linux pre-installed is fine, but we can also install it if needed... what we do not want is to pay MS a dime for something we do not want to use.
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  15. boxVanillasolo585

    boxVanillasolo585 New Member

    I have used linux as a developer system for years. I do mostly C++ and Website work, but development just works better on linux. Currently I am using a Debain based distro, but have used Slackware and SuSE in the past.

    My current laptop is an old 2012 Dell XPS 13, it just works out of the box. The only things that are unsupported without tons of work is the multi-touch pad and function keys. I would love to see Razer ensure that all hardware that defines them be fully supported in multiple OS's.

    My Wish List:

    • 1080P is too low and 4k is too high. Find a ratio in between for the smaller 13" laptops.
    • Full Multitouch support
    • No Fancy Network/wireless card that uses proprietary drivers due to cpu offloading. People who use linux, may need to jump distros in the future and don't want to find out that their drivers are only written for a Debain based system and there is no source to build from as they are closed source drivers.
    • Battery life is my #1 in my development machine. Many times I have been flying for a dozen hours with short layovers and no way to charge the laptop on the plane.
    • Quiet fans are nice. When I am doing large compiles my XPS spins up like a rocketship to the point it can actually be distracting to other people.
    • Fairly fine backlight adjustments (Display), working in various conditions while traveling I have found that clunky 6ish step backlight adjustments can be very annoying.
    • Extensively test your SecureBoot/UEFI and LEAVE legacy boot as an option.
    • Do not muck up the ACPI.
    • While Optimus support Exists it is far from perfect. I am on the fence with this one. While Dedicated graphics is amazing, it will directly affect the battery life. Onboard give you the flip but you are shafted if you are looking to play a game (It does happen on linux) or need some oomph. Optimus on windows gives you that nice mix but support has always been iffy.
    • Dual mstat (or what ever they call them now) would be nice, as I have always prefered two physical drive separation.
    • Keyboard needs to provide a good solid feedback. Mushy keys are horrible (Please do not go the route that Apple did with their keys).
  16. Philotomy

    Philotomy New Member

    All of that sounds spot-on. I agree.
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  17. onebree_no_id

    onebree_no_id New Member

    That's all I came here to say :)

    I want to use the M keys for things like copy/paste and whatever else in Xubuntu, like I did in Windows (with the help of synapse).
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  18. I've been considering getting a razer laptop for my next laptop. I typically don't get powerful laptops, but the Razer Blade appeals to me. When I saw this forum pop up:
    1. I signed up for the forums *just* to show support for the idea.
    2. I determined my next laptop will definitely be from Razer.
    3. I signed up with a *real* e-mail address rather than something from guerillamail, mailinator, or a throw-away address
    4. I even checked the "send me news and updates" box, which I NEVER, EVER do.

    This was an excellent move on your part and I want to vocally support it in addition to voting with my wallet. GOOD JOB!!!

    I also came here just for this thread! High five for people giving a shit and speaking up about how life can improve.
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  19. I'm a thinkpad user right now as the W and P series are pretty much the best machines in terms of keyboard, and Linux support and a blend of power and portability. But I've strongly considered Razer's as an option. This is what I'm looking for in a laptop (I ONLY run Linux on my laptops. My only Windows-rig is my gaming PC). Much of my wishlist is driven by my experience with thinkpads and Dells (and for full disclosure, some of the items are an outstanding problem with thinkpads too).

    - I want a device with ALL open source driver support. (binary firmware is acceptable since it seems practically impossible to avoid, particularly with wifi, but NO binary kernel blobs)
    - Touch point AND trackpad (3 buttons would be a huge +)
    - Quad core CPU and minimum 32gb ram support - 4 slots would be nice.
    - Xeon + ECC RAM (are there any non-xeons that support ECC?) as an option would be nice
    - At least 1 M2 and one 2.5" (for a minimum of 2 drives total).
    - 15" 4k screen is ideal for me provided the laptop is light and portable
    - slim and lightweight
    - Ability to disable secure boot

    What I would like to avoid
    - no need for optical drives
    - hybrid graphics is really not relevant. The newer on board intel HD gpus are more than enough. That said, I'm willing to live with hybrid provided now that hybrid support is getting some real love. Given Razer's gaming focus, I'm guessing that any Linux professional type of laptop would end up having both dev and gaming focus.
    - no quadro or firepro (there is absolutely no reason for most workstation level laptops to need quadro or firepro (and the extra "tax" they tend to come with)
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  20. KG105_no_id

    KG105_no_id New Member

    The most important feature for me in a laptop is a 15"+, 16x10 screen. This is the aspect ratio used by MacBook Pros and was the aspect ratio used by Windows laptops until about 2007 when they switch to 16x9 so they could use cheaper screens designed for televisions.
    The 16x9 ration is designed for watching tv. It is not designed for creating content, viewing the web, or developing software; all of which benefit from having more vertical space on the screen.
    My current Linux laptop is a 15" MacBook Pro solely for this reason. If I could buy any other laptop with a 16x10 screen I would. If Razor produced one I would buy it.
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