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What is everyone's favorite Razer product?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luke Peters, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. Freedomfighter91

    Freedomfighter91 New Member

    It's a hard call to make, but I would say my Black Widow Ultimate 2014's. They are great for both gaming and productivity and their mechanical switches are very nice and oddly satisfying. But I also really all my other products, the Razer Leviathan, Razer Kraken Pro 2012, and my DeathAdder Chromas. I also am a big fan of the all the software. They work really well with all my Razer hardware and my systems and are very helpful for work and play. I never used to use gaming software other then distribution platforms but that all changed when I discovered Razer!!! Big Fan of the products all around!!! :D
  2. Nexthyp3tim

    Nexthyp3tim New Member

    kraken forged/ ouroboros mouse :)
  3. xNeoNHD

    xNeoNHD Member

    blackwiddow chroma all the way
  4. iChiof

    iChiof Member

    I love my BlackWidow Chroma
  5. Mczpzy

    Mczpzy Active Member

    Deathadder ever since i got my hand on my 1st DA way back 2008 I already fell in love to razer's DA and Im still loving it all versions of it.
  6. wiking19950309

    wiking19950309 Active Member

    No question...Razer's best selling item was the Razer Naga in it's days...but now...hmm I think the keyboards (Blackwidow) or the mouse mats (Firefly, Goliathus series)
  7. DaanBlankie

    DaanBlankie Active Member

    It's so hard choosing between my deathadder, backpack or adaro headphones
  8. planefreshDodgerBlue301

    planefreshDodgerBlue301 Active Member

    absolutely deathadder for sure
  9. SuijinZero

    SuijinZero Active Member

    I bought the Razer Naga as my first Razer product, and its the best gaming peripheral Ive ever purchase. Not only its good for gaming but I also used it for my productivity. I can shortcut everything on the numpad and after getting use to it after a while its the most amazing mouse you can ever have. I used to think the mouse was weird when I first saw its release but after using it I definitely love it. Love it so much I bought the upgraded version of it with chroma lol. Then the BW Chroma came along and I think that was another big change for me =D.
  10. Ignite

    Ignite New Member

    The blackwidow chroma so far.
  11. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    Love the Deathadder, been using it for almost 5 years. Sadly, had to change it every 2 years, does not last too long for me
  12. Razer Deathstalker :)
  13. SnowSpyral

    SnowSpyral Member

    The Razer Firefly looks like an amazing chroma mousepad! It's also one of its kind! :)
  14. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member

    The Razer Wildcat for sure. Best controller I had for PC.
  15. everSkyBlueammo491

    everSkyBlueammo491 New Member

  16. Slayer32751

    Slayer32751 Member

    If I have to choose 1, i'd say blackwidow chroma. but seriously, I'm in love with the chroma line.
  17. Xevien

    Xevien Active Member

    Currently it is a tie between my Razer Naga and my Razer Man O' War.
  18. Tr1ckyPlayz

    Tr1ckyPlayz Member

    Razer tartus , even i don't haveit
  19. Black widow Ultimate Stealth Edition, i don't like the clicky noises
  20. KrAv3

    KrAv3 Member

    My Death Adder. I really haven't used my Tartarus that much (bought it for use with my Xim4 and XB1, but use my DA more with it so far), and I haven't gotten used to my Epic Naga Chroma yet (don't play WoW that much at the moment to justify using it lately). When and IF my Atrox XB1 ever ships, I hope to fall in love with it on some Killer Instinct.....so I can retire my cronus max and X-Arcade stick.
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