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What is your favourite 'When I'm feeling down' Game?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by SquidTrooper, Dec 7, 2014.

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  1. Hobo189

    Hobo189 Active Member

    Has to be minecraft, with the music turned up and some live streams in the background :D
  2. mexi1309

    mexi1309 New Member

    Mirror's Edge is just straight out beautiful game. It is an art piece you play. Crank difficulty to low and just enjoy your ride and view!
  3. jwilson1989

    jwilson1989 New Member

    shooters usually cheer me up. i always like hearing the "cheering" when shooting the infidels on Halo. feels like I accomplished something. lol
  4. shane3445

    shane3445 New Member

    I'll either go with COD or Grand Theft Auto where I can blow some stuff up. Takes a little bit of the blues away.
  5. Poprockgrey

    Poprockgrey Member

    Usually it's Minecraft so I can just point and click and hopefully not get creeped. Let's the brain relax a bit.
  6. clarkja90

    clarkja90 New Member

    I love a good TellTale Games game, being able to interact loosely with a riveting story really helps.
  7. The Might Quest for Epic Loot is a stressless and free game on steam. You're guaranteed to win almost every game 99% of the time.

    I sometimes play OSU! When I'm bored since its fun.
  8. adakuo713

    adakuo713 New Member

    Super smash bros is a nice game to play, especially with friends
  9. SideshowNick

    SideshowNick New Member

    Skyrim, oddly.
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  10. Ljenkinsjr

    Ljenkinsjr New Member

    Skyrim always improves my mood. Just that feeling of slaying some dragons can really make my day!
  11. alpha_H

    alpha_H New Member

    Little Big Planet 3 for sure, also works when sick
  12. jBrepins

    jBrepins New Member

    I honestly play a lot of FPS when I'm feeling down, only to take out much needed stress on other players.
  13. Dstan

    Dstan New Member

    I usually play just WoW.
  14. fishbone94

    fishbone94 New Member

    There's a pretty interesting game called Super Meat Boy, where you play as a cartoon character without skin (thus meat boy) and your job is to save your princess called Bandage Girl. Quite the funny and nice game! :)
  15. Expliciate

    Expliciate New Member

    I like osu and minecraft, those games are pretty chill, and it's practically impossible to rage in them, unless you get blown up by a creeper or somethin aha.
  16. KingDarkeye

    KingDarkeye New Member

    I always go hand held here so probably some old school Zelda or pokemon games on my 3ds.
  17. any of the archam series on survival
  18. zero_x25

    zero_x25 New Member

    some of my favourite go to games when I'm down are Prototype 2, Twisted Metal, or Dead Rising 2 pointless destruction and chaos seems to cheer me up
  19. kkaps

    kkaps New Member

    I suggest that you play Destiny.
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