What mouse do you use ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by G_oakes, Jan 27, 2015.

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  1. Hoangtran195

    Hoangtran195 Member

    I am currently using the Logitech G502 Proteus Cores and I actually like it a lot. I am still waiting on the replacement of my DeathAdder 2013 due to the double-clicking issue.
  2. Aznprotege

    Aznprotege New Member

    I have the DeathAdder 2013 as my mouse ^-^
  3. staderman

    staderman New Member

    i have a logitech G502 and really love the dedicated DPI shift button so while sniping or aiming down sights i can temporarily decrease sensitivity for as long as i hold the shift button. Don't have to change profiles or turn the DPI down to have to turn it back up when not needed. plus i got it with a $50 steam wallet card which REALLY boosted my incentive to buy it before the steam winter sale.
  4. Senseimatt

    Senseimatt Member

    G600. I can't use any else than logitech for my mouse.
  5. Cobby

    Cobby Member

    Deathadder 2014... Loving it... i think its the perfect mouse for me...
  6. ex90ranger

    ex90ranger New Member

    currently I am running a Naga Hex (red) and freaking love it. I used to have an old MMO, but when the scroll click stopped working I replaced it with the hex. I never found myself using more than the first 6 buttons any way on the MMO, so the hex works great for my play style.
  7. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Yo there are probably almost eight forums on this exact topic already.
  8. ccang5

    ccang5 New Member

    DeathAdder ftw
  9. sstuchfield

    sstuchfield Member

    Used to use a Razer Orochi (old version) for on the go and MadCatz RAT 9 for my desktop - I ike wireless a lot! Got them both around 5 or 6 years ago and they've been holding up perfectly.

    Upgraded the Orochi to the newer version a couple of months ago and got the Naga Chroma in the CES sale. I don't really play MMO and was a bit worried that I may not use all the keys but it's great for CAD and design work!
  10. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    Kindly use the search feature provided to you before creating a new thread. There are many threads about this topic. @Razer|Technokat : Is it possible to merge all these "What mouse do you use?" threads?
  11. hybridbreed

    hybridbreed New Member

    I use a razer naga 2014.its great for me playing my mmo's.
  12. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    I think best for you to take Deathadder to try it on. This is the best overall mouse IMO.
  13. rckstgmn

    rckstgmn New Member

    I was using a Razer Taipan, but it was just too small for my needs, so I changed to a Roccat Tyon, and am very pleased with it. Now, The Taipan is my backup mouse :)
  14. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    Apparently there is more than eight threads. It is total 29 threads asking similar question.
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  15. kaycel

    kaycel New Member

    Deathadder Chroma
  16. Chris_272

    Chris_272 New Member

    I'm using a Razer Mamba for about 3 Years now. Before that i had a Copperhead (which my dad is now using). But i want to switchover from the Mamba to the Ouroboros in the near future :)

    Also I'm planning to buy a Orochi for my Laptop :)
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  17. vivianlobo

    vivianlobo Member

    I am using Ouroboros and it is brilliant. I use it for gaming and as a daily driver. The option of wired and wireless is wonderful.
  18. WayneWCK

    WayneWCK New Member

    DeathAdder Chroma, with all those grip and light weight. It is the best mouse i ever had
  19. daslicer

    daslicer Member

    naga molten edition and deathadder, both worth the price, cant live without my naga
  20. KoenCows

    KoenCows Member

    Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse. Would love to get one from Razer, but at the moment its a bit too pricey for me.
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