Will it protect my computer?

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Trainiacs, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. Trainiacs

    Trainiacs New Member

    How big is the headphone slot and computer slot. Please hmu :heart: thanks -Trainiacs
  2. Trainiacs

    Trainiacs New Member

    Hey guys one more thing, how do I get rid of my "New member"
  3. KillStealzzz

    KillStealzzz Active Member

    Erm Im suppose you meant to ask the razer tactical backpack ? You can check the size on the store, I'm sure Razer already put the exact numbers there.
    And for the "New member" tag, you just need to post/comment more.
  4. ArjoC

    ArjoC Member

    check the specification in the razerzone site :)
  5. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    The Tactical Backpack Pro fits my rather large 17.3" MSI laptop beautifully including the massive power brick, cords and all my extras. It's a very good size and extremely comfortable to wear.

    The regular Tactical Backpack is perhaps 4-6 inches smaller (obviously I'm eyeballing it instead of looking up the official dimensions) and would fit a 15" laptop nicely, I believe. They both have almost identical pockets and stuff around it, except for the molle packs on the front of the Tactical Backpack Pro.

    As others have said, double check the actual measurements on the official Razer store and you should be able to determine what works best for you. I own both and use them for different things entirely. The Pro if I'm taking my laptop somewhere, the regular for when I want a backpack for anything but am not taking my laptop along.

    There's nothing you can do to just remove it. However, it will change and evolve based on your participation on the forums. Honestly, it's not really worth worrying about, because people will recognize you and your posting style long before they'll check out your member status. hehehe
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