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Eliminate the Noise | Razer Hammerhead USB-C ANC

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Razer.WolfPack, Oct 10, 2018.

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  1. dadref

    dadref New Member

    got mine yesterday: they sound fine, not tested the comply yet. the ANC is decent.
  2. dadref

    dadref New Member

    and yes they light on both side
  3. dadref

    dadref New Member

    tested them on S8 and S9 and they worked.
    on the Oneplus 6 you need to activate the OTG first before they activate.

    Found them more comfortable than the hammerhead pro V2
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  4. Dave3d

    Dave3d New Member

    So are they REALLY comfortable?
    Or are there other sets out there more comfy?

    And thanks a bunch.
    I have an S8, and when it ships the asus rog, so thanks very much for the compatibility test.
    Just wondering if I should stick with my single wireless bud, or go corded again (the bt bud sounds terribly tinny, BUT there are no cords).
    Really on the fence about this...
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  5. sarabibb

    sarabibb New Member

    Do you know if the razer phone has a USB-C? Or if it has a headphone jack?
  6. Dave3d

    Dave3d New Member

    Both phones.
    NO 3.5mm jack.
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  7. dadref

    dadref New Member

    I find them very comfortable. Previously using Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 and Audio Technica (ATH-ANC33is).
    The pro v2 are nice for phone with a jack but after a few hours the metal part are not so comfortable.
    the audio technica is bulky (you need an AA battery) and not so good to carry around, I only bring them when I travel.
    The Razer ANC are great as the form factor is very compact. Just used them on a 3 hours flight and all good and enjoyed them, will continue to use them when I travel.

    Was also surprised as they worked seamlessly on my Blade laptop!
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  8. Cellendril

    Cellendril New Member

    My pair do not output consistently below 20% volume - sometimes nothing but noise, sometimes nothing at all. At 50% and above, they work fine - but too loud, of course. This is on the Razer Phone 2, the Essential PH-1, and a laptop with USB-C.

    Do you see the same behavior?
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  9. dadref

    dadref New Member

    not experiencing this on the oneplus 6
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  10. Cellendril

    Cellendril New Member

    Thank you - appreciate the feedback. Kicked off a replacement on my set.
  11. imReqi

    imReqi Well-Known Member

    I got mine today and I'm fairly pleased with them. As mentioned in other posts, it comes with the medium size of the Comply tips so I installed those. For the weight of the headphones, they don't feel too heavy in your ears with these tips installed. I wore them for 3 hours at a time today and they were comfortable. I found the ANC to be better than I expected for in-ear headphones--about the same as the ANC on some over the ear Beats I returned.

    Highs and middle ranges sounded great--clearer guitar plucks, keyboards, vocals. I was disappointed in the amount of bass even at full volume. Another small disappointment was that only half the cable is braided. Not a big deal, but I thought it all would be.

    Overall I'm pleased. I love that they light up. And, per the usual, Razer's packaging of this product is top notch. I wouldn't go as far to recommend these to someone else due to a lack of fuller bass, but I don't regret my purchase.

    Edit: I'm using a Pixel 2
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
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