How does the new Razer green switch compare to MX cherry blue?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Squirtpower, Mar 26, 2016.

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  1. squirtpower

    squirtpower New Member

    I am a big lover of mechanical keyboards. Im using mx blues for a long time now and I am interested in the new Razers khail switch, but I have never used razers greens before. Has any of you before used both Razers green switches and mx cherry blues. Could you compare your experience of both of them?
  2. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Hi Levy. Razer switches have been around for a while so they aren't exactly new anymore.

    IMO, to be completely honest, the Cherry MX Blue and the Razer Green Kalih are pretty similar. The only differences are:
    • .3mm reset distance difference
    • .3mm actuation point difference
    • 10 million keystroke lifespan difference
    But for all intents and purposes, they feel pretty much the same, especially because the error margin is larger than these differences (± 0.4mm - 0.6mm).

    I switched from MX Blues to Razer Greens and didn't notice a difference. I am pretty sure you will have the same experience. I eventually switched to Razer Oranges though.

    However, I cannot speak to the newest Razer switches which they put into the BlackWidow X that was just released because I haven't used them yet. Apparently they have more control over the manufacturing of their switches now.
  3. playnasc

    playnasc Active Member

    How do you like the Razer Oranges? I just got the BW X with Razer Greens but I miss the MX Browns.. :slightly_sad:
  4. squirtpower

    squirtpower New Member

    Thanks for the great answer. The razer blackwidow x design is beautiful. I saw on the website that it has a lifespawn of 80 million keystrokes and it is also goldplated. razer blackwidow x switch.PNG
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