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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by warsnake, Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. Warsnake1982

    Warsnake1982 Member

    @DarkKill is trying to make League of Legends possible. Added his project to the list.
    I really hope he can get approval from Riot Games.
    link to thread: LoL
  2. leonardphil_no_id

    leonardphil_no_id New Member

    An chroma integration in Rainbow Six Siege would be great, I hope that will be possible.
  3. MenthuDk

    MenthuDk New Member

    Is it possible to make intergration with Battlefield 1 ?
    Was thinking about something similar as the Chroma sync CS:GO
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  4. 79robb

    79robb New Member

    f1 2016, make the lights on the steering wheel also on the keyboard
  5. poorkidd

    poorkidd New Member

    Blacklight Retribution any help on if it's possible? If so I would be willing to figure it out!
  6. theherrmann

    theherrmann New Member

    Battlefield 1 would be pretty nice. Any experience with Battlefield integration in general?

    King regards.

    Regarding to the newest PTR Patchnotes of Diablo 3
    --> http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20362179/patch-243-ptr-patch-notes-08-11-2016
    Hardware Support
    • Support has been added for the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) SDK and Razer peripherals
      • Supported backlit keyboards will respond to certain in-game situations like Legendary and Set item drops, characters leveling up, and more
    • Players will need to update their firmware for supported devices to use this feature

    should it be possible to integrate Diablo 3 now?

    Kind regards, Jan.
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  7. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    It's not out yet, but I hope it's possible for Airship Syndicate's Battlechasers: Night War.

    By the way, what exactly is API? I'd like to get in touch with Airship Syndicate about the game and seeing if they are planning on letting Razer users have cool in-game interaction with their Chroma gear, and if not, if they could at least consider it.
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  8. Brisingr_Phoenix

    Brisingr_Phoenix Active Member

    Is there anything for warframe, cause I think that it'd be pretty cool if they had the health/ shields on the function keys, cool-down time on the number keys (as well as no illumination in the presence of power nullifying enemies), and wasd (sprint, crouch, etc.) illuminated keys
  9. w0ng3r

    w0ng3r Member

    Titanfall 2 please!
  10. jbimmer

    jbimmer New Member

    I would love a SolidWorks integration. Not a game, but I use it a lot.
  11. helljol

    helljol New Member

    Overwatch for Orbweaver chroma keypad !
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  12. Brisingr_Phoenix

    Brisingr_Phoenix Active Member

    Anyone know an easy way to integrate chroma into a game (like maybe warframe or battlefield 4)
  13. Warsnake1982

    Warsnake1982 Member

    added some more requests to main thread
    • Battlefield 1
    • F1 2016
    • Blacklight Retribution
    • warframe
    • Titanfall 2
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  14. 15995145643

    15995145643 New Member

    Prison Architect please
  15. CrTide4life

    CrTide4life New Member

    How about World of Warships
  16. Elorxiqz

    Elorxiqz New Member

    Very, very, very late response of mine, but I just joined the forums anyway soo..
    Can't you just look for the specific- (perhaps dynamic) address with the AoB(Array of Bytes) and read it? Or would/could this change with every patch too?
  17. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    I would love to see support for something like Eve Online. Their EULA does look much like Blizzards in the respect of stuff like this (maybe even more strict). However, Razer is constantly a partner of CCP's when they are throwing events. Maybe it would be possible to reach out to them for implementing something?
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  18. fastcafeBlueBolt439

    fastcafeBlueBolt439 New Member

    Implement chroma support for Duck Game and Amazing Frog?


    probably will never happen

    nobody will have heard of them

  19. fastcafeBlueBolt439

    fastcafeBlueBolt439 New Member

    Jokes aside DayZ would be nice
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