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Your first moment with razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oceanblue, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. when was the first time you have used or heard of razer and what was it like?
  2. jokerpkt

    jokerpkt New Member

    i first heard of razer when they introduced the razer blade. i've never wanted something so bad.
  3. Oh my first razer product was the razer diamondback. This is over 5 years ago and it was my first gaming mouse! Oh i can remember this time... It was such a great experience with this mouse! Today i'm using the razer taipan and very happy with it.
  4. 42566811000

    42566811000 Active Member

    3 years ago, razer nostromo. when i heard of it i begun to investigate. now i'm a huge razer fan like all of you :D
  5. IT was the naga.
  6. fuzzywuzzy304

    fuzzywuzzy304 New Member

    The first time I heard of Razer was when my friend told me about Project Christine.
  7. Aggressioncraft

    Aggressioncraft New Member

    The days of the diamond back and copperhead!
  8. 1w34t

    1w34t New Member

  9. DReamEAterMS

    DReamEAterMS New Member

    3 years ago when i needed a good lefthanded mice and found razer deathadder and afterwards i replaced my whole pc gear bit by bit with razer equip
  10. megaforce1020

    megaforce1020 New Member

    I used my friends keyboard, it was awesome
  11. smokingace808

    smokingace808 New Member

    I didn't know what razer was unitil my friends started going to lan centers. THey would always have the gear and next thing i knew everyone was buying razer gear.
  12. Razer touched me as a child
  13. AdvanSuper

    AdvanSuper New Member

    I bought a DA and their Barracuda (i think) headphones when they first came out.
  14. Teuffel10

    Teuffel10 New Member

    I bought a Mamba from Amazon, then I heard about Razer LOL, then it was the begining of big expenses...
  15. Getting Death Adder mouse! Best mouse I ever used.
  16. MrBrowKnee

    MrBrowKnee Member

    The Razer Naga, now that was a MMO beast! had it for almost 2 years now and definitely my most used mouse and also one of my favourites! I mainly got it to go with my setups colour scheme but it exceeded my expectations!
  17. janbas

    janbas New Member

    i found about razer becouse of swifty and the i bought a razer naga molten and now i have everything from razer ^^
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  18. MrBrowKnee

    MrBrowKnee Member

    Yeah Razer is actually quite good however I'd wish their Razer systems (Blade and the 14inch Blade) were more available in the UK :slightly_sad:
  19. bodycountns

    bodycountns New Member

    looong time ago. I bought my first headset from Razer at best buy.
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