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I got the Razer Tactical Backpack - AMA - Video Overview Inside!

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by radioSapGreenbase431, Dec 17, 2014.

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  1. Haelino

    Haelino New Member

    @Min-Liang Tan After using the pack, I have noticed a few things that would improve it pretty considerably.
    1. The thing that stands out to me most as a flaw is the fact that there is now zippered pocket on the top flap. I am a backpacker, and those pockets make it super easy to keep track of things like sunglasses and keys. Adding a pocket to the top flap would be a great way to improve the functionality.
    2. It would be a neat idea to make the headphone mount/case compatible with the MOLLE on the outside. I carry books and notebooks, so being able to carry taller items in the main compartment is important. The headphone mount blocks those, so I cannot actually carry it with me when I am at school.
    3. The lower side Velcro straps can slip through the MOLLE on the pouch to lock it closed. Not a flaw, just a cool feature.
    4. I managed to strap a keyboard ( Not Razer, I know. Next purchase :) ) to the side of my pack via the Velcro, with the bottom half fitting into the wide side pocket.[​IMG]
    Other than those things, this pack is really solid. Super comfortable, Sexy, and it feels Bulletproof. Great job.
  2. Enzigurator

    Enzigurator New Member

    Well, I'm not sure if it's allowed to divulge other brands on this board :S, Could a private message work? Or perhaps it's measurements!

    left to right: 16.5 in
    front to back: 12.8 in
    height: 2.4 in

    This is my bulkiest laptop, if you can fit it in that category haha :D either way I was thinking of upgrading it, as it has a few years, and leave this one as my workbench for anything besides gaming. The options I'm looking at for my upgrade are all smaller than this one, so I'm hoping they do fit into one of these!

    first option measurements:
    left to right: 16.3 in
    front to back: 11.8 in
    height: 1.9 in

    second option measurements:
    left to right: 16.5 in
    front to back: 11.61 in
    height: 1.65~2.16 in

    Also, thank you very much for the help!
  3. You don't have to worry about mentioing other products here. I don't think Razer is the type of company to squelch anyone comparing products to fit into their backpack.

    Height is NBD, and the left to right is about the same as other laptops so no problems there. Front to back, you'll fit very snuggly in it. The compartment measures at just about 13in so you're right under it :)

    Should fit without problems at all. Only problem you'll run into is having to lug that beast around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  4. Enzigurator

    Enzigurator New Member

    Well If its really snug front to back, the heigh might be an issue, depending on how much the backpack stretches on the zipper area :slightly_sad: hence why I am pressing on that stat specifically. I noticed from the video that It's not very "stretchy", or at least doesn't seem to be on the zippers.

    Either way, a smaller laptop with the measures I wrote afterwards should fit right?
  5. The height would be no issue at all on your current laptop and of course none of the others would have issue with anything at all.
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  6. Enzigurator

    Enzigurator New Member

    If you say so, I guess I'll have to give it a go :D
  7. Enzigurator

    Enzigurator New Member

    Sadly mine doesn't fit ;_;

    After receiving the pack at home, went on to try packing the lap but it just out stretches the pack.
    Fortunately I was thinking of upgrading my laptop anyway and the newer gens offer suitable sizes for the pack :) Still a bit of a shame. The reason it doesn't fit is because of the lack of stretching ability on the zipper areas, which I supose is understandable due to the size of my laptop and the nature of the pack.

    All in all however, I am satisfied with the product and can't wait for the lap to come so I can prance it around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  8. Awww. Bummer :slightly_sad: I guess the problem you run into is the corners on the laptop stick out a bit and it won't zip up all the way then?

    I'm a little surprised it doesn't, the measurements you gave me point it fitting, yours is about as tall as mine is on it's side and it slips in just fine, thickness shouldn't be an issue, and the width of it should have fit too!!

    Is it the stretching of the zippers at the base that you are having problems with or the stretch at the top?

    Either way, that flap will close down to "seal" it for you, so you should still be able to lug it around, just probably avoid doing it in rain
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  9. Enzigurator

    Enzigurator New Member

    the width is the issue, cause the zipper is literally scrapping the laptop as i push it in, and I have to really struggle it in, so I stopped attempting that, so not as to ruin the pack or the lap... and the pack doesn't have enough stretching to fit it in. In terms of length I think it would be fine, however the width, together with the thickness might be the issue.

    It's cool though, I'm gonna use this aptop as my work platform and buy a new one to play around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  10. Awww. Man. I'm sorry dude, I totes suck at taking measurements :slightly_sad: I'm fired from that for now and will just let my wife handle things of that nature hence forth.

    If you don't mind me asking what laptop are you thinking of getting? Something bulky again with decent cooling like what Asus or MSI offer? Maybe something a bit more slimming like a razer blade or an aorus? ;)
  11. Enzigurator

    Enzigurator New Member

    Don't be, cause it doesn't fit by really a very marginal amount, just a little nudge and it wouldn't be forced in, it's an older laptop so it's understandable anyway.

    I'm going for bulky again, I was looking at the Blade, however, the best sellout point it has is it's really appealing slim size for its power, however I don't travel a whole lot except from home to work, considering the price tag against some of the bulkier lap tags, I took the latter. As for the brand I was looking at the Clevo lines actualy, gonna give those guys a try this time. I was very pleased with ASUS (the bulky that doesn't fit is one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), however the newer lines don't looke very appealing..
  12. Ahhhh :D I had a G73 from them back in the day. Wasn't a bad laptop, just super bulky!

    You should check out Aorus's new offering, 15" SLI 965m's! Legit!
  13. Enzigurator

    Enzigurator New Member

    Just received the laptop aswell and this one BARELY fits :D Now due to it being a bit too edgy XD But whatever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the cover kinda conceals the opened zipper on one of the sides :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  14. Dang that was quick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    idk if you saw but razer will have a 24 hour sale where they're giving 50% off 1 item of anything but systems IIRC and 30% off systmes, so you could get 30% off a blade! ;)
  15. lifeautoCrimson336

    lifeautoCrimson336 Active Member

    Twenty minutes ago I was looking at videos for the utility backpack ( To no avail ) bht found this video and watched it, now I found the thread..
  16. VoKraken

    VoKraken New Member

    I have my old alienware m17x R3. It's a huge and bulky computer.. do you think it could fit in ?
    Because I really like the bag design. And I love razer gear.

  17. Enzigurator

    Enzigurator New Member

    Unfortunately by the time I wrote that down, and the promo showed up I had already made my order so yeah xD a bit ticked off, but heh I guess I'll get some other product!
  18. I am leaning toward the razer tactical bag. I like the size and the versatility. I have a 15.6 inch laptop and a bunch of other stuff that I carry around regularly. I was wondering if this would be a good buy or if I should go with another one.
  19. Id definitely go with it. I have a 17" laptop and a tablet I carry with all my stuff in it. Fits everything and its super comfortable
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