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My story, MANY broken Razer products

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Teuffel10, Jun 12, 2016.

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  1. Teuffel10

    Teuffel10 New Member

    Hi, I want to share with you what happened to me because it's getting ridiculous and maybe posting here will change something I don't know. Just want poeple to aknowledge and razer staff to notice. It's a long text, make sure you have some chips :D (And sorry if I'm killing grammar, I'm french!)

    I've always been a BIG fan of Razer, promoting the brand and all the products to everyone. I bought my first mouse in 2012, it was the Wireless Mamba. The unit came in and was looking fine, until I try to connect it in no-wireless mode. The connector wasn't straight and I could not connect it at all. So I requested a replacement. That was the first one. The replacement came in and it was fine, just a bad luck I guess. I used this mouse for around 2 years and a half. At this point the right click began to work really randomly, maybe 1 click out of 2, sometime 3. As you know, can't play like this, so I ordered a new mouse. I was waiting for a new Mamba but after like 3 years I gave up so I bought a Deathadder chroma which I will explain later. I was, however, satisfied with the durability for the usage I did of it.

    During this time I bought a Lycosa keyboard, which worked perfectly fine many years, only the WASD SHIFT and SPACE keys being scratched now, not surprising. Satisfied there.

    I also pre-ordered the Tiamat 7.1 and received it. After maybe one month or so, the mic began to be really soft, not holding in place well, always falling back with gravity. I was denying the fact and kept using it because I didn't want to accept that it was already broken. But after another month, the mic totally broke, only the cable was holding it to the headset. I contacted Razer and asked for a replacement. They made me cut the cord and they sent a new headset. It has been maybe 2 years since and I must say that it is better, but it has been a year since the mic is not holding well again. Really poor material quality for a headset of this price. Still using it right now.

    I also bought a Vespula mouse mat and I loved it, after 2 years the mat began to fall apart (the mouse mat doing air bubbles underneath both surfaces) and I had to change it. Bought a Goliathus and no problem so far, I even prefer soft mats now.

    Ok so now, count : let's say only one Mamba and one Tiamat. I will not count other broken products after more than a year.

    After the almost 3 years Mamba, I decided to buy the new Deathadder Chroma. I used it for a week with no problems maybe. After, it began to double left click sometimes. Didn't pay attention to it really. But after some weeks it was unplayable. Even surfing the internet, just imagine how anoying it is to double click each time you click. I had to replace it. By the time I contacted Razer, the new Mamba Chroma came out. I asked Razer if I could pay the difference between the Deathadder and the Mamba and they accepted, which is really appreciated by the way. So I cut the cord of the deathadder and I received my mamba.

    New Mamba now, not a day I got it, tracking issues. Not so much, was not sure really yet. After couples of weeks it was unplayable again. The mouse would just stop working totally until I reconnected it, or just not move accurately or freeze for 2 sec every 30 sec. I knew it was a found issue on this mouse but trust me I spent weeks trying to find a fix and try every solutions out there. . I contacted Razer again and requested a replacement. It was really complicated because they did not want me to cut the cord this time. So I had to send it back to them and they sent me a new one. Took a good month. I did swear to god that I would not buy a Razer product again if I have any more problems.

    New Mamba again. Guess what. ONE OF THE SIDE BUTTON DOESNT WORK. REALLY? Ok now I'm pissed. This is ridiculous. Didn't contact Razer again yet, I wanted to write here before. What's going on, is your products so cheap or I'm just soooooo bad lucky? Please help??

    Last week I went ahead and bought a Blackwidow Chroma to replace my old Lycosa, I must be crazy and stupid to buy from Razer again after all what happened, but whatever, I love the look of Razer products and did alot of comparaison to still end up with Razer . I went ahead and got a 3 years extended warranty though, atleast I know I won't have too much difficulty to replace it if there's any problems, and I would not be surprised if there is...

    So, finally,

    Broken products afer days/weeks/months: 2012 Mamba (first one) , Tiamat 7.1 (first one), Deathadder Chroma, Mamba Tournament Edition Chroma, Mamba Tournament Edition Chroma again.

    Broken products after years : Second 2012 Mamba (2.5 years), Vespula (2.5 years), Second Tiamat 7.1 (1 year)

    Not broken , only used : Lycosa

    So right I have working mouse mats (thanks god), working BW Chroma and Lycosa, broken Mamba. Still can play cause it's only a side button, but I'm used with it in some games and I want to request a new mouse again....

    There it is guys, my story. I'm not recommending Razer anymore, sadly. They really are great products, but when they are not broke...

    Thank you very much and congratulation if you went trought the story ahah.

    Have a nice day.
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  2. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry for you :slightly_sad:

    You just have really bad luck, I've bought multiple Razer products, and they're all working well over 2 years.
  3. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    Personally, I have never had an issue with a razer product. It may just be user damage on your end.

    I still have a Kraken pro from 2.5 years ago, and its been through so many drops and spills, but it still powers through it. I also have a mamba, deathstalker, kraken 7.1 chroma, and a blade, all that do not have any problems with them.

    Either you treat them wrong, or you are just unlucky.
  4. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    Did you buy all your products from the Razer store? Personally I never had a problem with things I bought directly from them, however I got a Deathadder from amazon which had a few problems
  5. Teuffel10

    Teuffel10 New Member

    Trust me, I really treat them well, Most of the products were already broken when I received it anyway except the Tiamat.

    First Mamba was from Amazon but everything else is directly from Razer Store. :frown_:
  6. venturePinkLacespot810

    venturePinkLacespot810 Active Member

    I think you're just extremely unlucky. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of happy Razer users on Insider and even more outside the form. Only the people who unfortunately receive the few bad products make a thread, making it seem like Razer's products are riddled with duds. Everyone who is happy is just more or less invisible, they aren't gonna post a thread just to say they're happy with their product.
    tl;dr: I think you're just really unlucky, Razer makes great stuff, try again
  7. DaanBlankie

    DaanBlankie Active Member

    Never had any problems with razer products except the price
  8. Shyzune

    Shyzune Member

    Well damn poor story, maybe you treat your things not good enough;)
  9. Teuffel10

    Teuffel10 New Member

    So you think I treat my things bad when it's already broken after I open the box?.. First mamba, deathadder chroma and both mamba TE were broken outside the box first day. Not sure how this is my fault :/
  10. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Hi Teuffel10. Thank you for sharing your experience. I've been using my Razer products for just about over 2 years now and I haven't had a single problem. I hope they don't start malfunctioning on me - I guess we'll find out soon! I definitely do sympathize, it totally sucks to have such a bad run.

    I have heard friends and users on Insider state similar issues - double click, non-responsive buttons, bubbles under rubber grip, etc. I haven't had these issues myself, but I know they do exist. Perhaps it is a quality control issue, but look at all the people who have posted here and are happy with their Razer products.

    Honestly though, after reading through your entire post, Razer doesn't seem that bad at all. They took care of you when you needed replacements simply by asking you to cut the cords. They even agreed to let you trade in your DA (+ price difference) for the new Mamba. Think of it this way: if you went with another company and had similar problems (which is likely imo), do you think they would have taken care of you with the same support and flexibility as Razer did?

    Here's to hoping you'll stick with us :snake:!
  11. Teuffel10

    Teuffel10 New Member

    I understand that most people don't have any problem, and I really liked the support that Razer gave me. I'm just really sad that I am having so many bad products with my favorite brand. And I'm scared that it continue to break. I really hope my bad luck is over and I will start to trust Razer products again, we will see with my new BlackWidow and next mouse. It's not about the support they gave me, but really just about the products. I hope to stick with you too guys. :crying_cat_face:
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  12. KappaSh0t

    KappaSh0t Member

    That goes to say that you should always order only from their own online store. Not for retailers just because you cannot wait for the shipping time. All my products bought from their own store has been working fine for the past 2 years
  13. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    I feel you bro. I had my fair share of issues, my list is no shorter than yours.
    But thankfully, they hold true to their warranty. I by no means, am a big fan of Razer.

    First, for those who had no issues with their products, fine. You may be part of the 90% good yielding product holder. That does not mean the other 10% or less have no say to this. Do not blame the user. A great design takes into account how user will "torture" or treat the device. It is meant to last. It is meant to be "tortured". It depends on how their designers design this to last, how well correlated their simulations are to the real world use case.

    In manufacturing, there may be test holes, there may be oversight in building test cases. There may be test escapes for those who are not familiar with production lines. It all depends how to product engineers control this.

    In all due respect, I believe Razer has the potential to improve on their quality control. For example, the green switches on a blackwidow, some may notice that they are all not uniformly produced. Different batches may have different "feel" when you make that click across different keyboards. At times, which I also experienced, on the same piece of keyboard. Even headphones, the left may be louder than the right. It happens, not just to Razer, but many companies out there. It all boils down to how tightly they control their vendors and manufacturing floor.

    I still believe they already did a great work with a proud design, its just a matter of time they improve on quality. Nevertheless, still a fan for this young company! :smile_::wink_:
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  14. HipsterDino

    HipsterDino Member

    This is one reason why I'm so cautious when buyin products like this, especially since most of these are on the expensive side I would hate to waste money on a product that doesn't work/broken before you even have a chance to use it.
    Thankfully for me though I've yet to get anything broken and like others have said it's probably just bad luck on your part. But granted I don't know that much Razer products. Just a Kraken headset, one of the keyboards, and a mouse all of which work fine and having it for more than a year!

    It's kinda sad that they won't reimburse you if you have a defective product.
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  15. Alanss_no_id

    Alanss_no_id Member

    Razer seem to be going through a period of poor quality products and even poorer quality customer service! I'd imagine that if they carry on this way then some other big fish will snap them up , rebrand them and that's that's...
  16. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    If let's say one day your phone, be it iPhone or Android hangs up on you or died, do you say the that you don't treat your phone well? Or did the phone fail you? Something to ponder :wink_:
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  17. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    I've actually not had a phone crack much less give up on me. I feel as though if you treat products right, nothing can go wrong with them, unless there is a hardware problem, which has never happened to me.

    Most razer products should last at least 4 years when treated properly, It defiantly looks like my krakens will make it.
  18. planefreshDodgerBlue301

    planefreshDodgerBlue301 Active Member

    i have a deathadder BW TE and goliathus. All of them are working fine except deathadder double left click after like 2 years, which for me i changed my left click to right and vice versa
  19. Dat1Fish

    Dat1Fish Active Member

    WOW! I though I was the only one with bad luck, for me it's not Razer product, but almost every electronic products I ever got.

    1. My first laptop was a HP, battery life when to 30 minutes on full charge after a year, and overheats so bad that I need to used it with an Ice Pack.

    2. Got that swaped with a ASUS ROG G751 JT.
    It was good on the first day, after that, the laptop top battery last 2 hours on normal use, they said it would last 6 hours. when I'm on word, it always not respond. Sometimes the laptop get's really hot and get's too hot for you to use the keyboard ;(

    3. Phones.... Everyphone I ever got has overheating problems, they usually overheat after 30 minutes of use.

    4. Razer products, my first 2 products where Siren and Firefly: The Siren has no problem right now, but the Firefly is not completely flat.

    5. Razer Blade Stealth, bought it a few weeks ago, problem straight away, overheat after 30 minutes of use, the laptop just freezes, today, the laptop froze as soon as I opened it.

    So conclusion, most of the device I ever used will Overheat!
  20. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Do you live in Sahara maybe?
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