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  1. MacOS is a BSD based system. And the layering on top is completely closed source.
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  2. KristijanZic

    KristijanZic New Member

    1.] macOS is based on FreeBSD, not Linux.
    2.] Swift is their applications language. Drivers or kexts or however they call it are all developed mostly in C. They can't really make cross kernel drivers.
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  3. tamashumi

    tamashumi New Member

    This is a great news!

    You've got a chance to became an official top pick for a software developers, how exciting!

    Honestly, Blade is now a hard match for the competition.
    Although could you consider this. By a reduced bezel, fitting in Stealth a 13-inch screen (3:2 or 16:10), this is an ultimate win. There would simply be no competition on the market. You take it all.

    Getting back to the topic, I'm running Razer Blade 2014 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
    I had issues at first. What I can recall, the most inconvenient were:
    • touchpad detected as mouse thus no multitouch gestures worked
    • problems with sleep and hibernate
    • screen sometimes blinks
    Since I've upgraded to kernel version 4.6 most of the above is gone.
    Unfortunately the screen blinking still remains (I'm on Nouveau open source nvidia driver).

    Razer, great kudos for taking this route!
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  4. Razer thinking of developing for Linux is incredible news. For me, it would be incredible if Razer could optimize drivers for its hardware on Cent OS in particular, because of one thing:

    Da Vinci Resolve.

    Da Vinci is a color correction program that is used in the feature film world, on pretty much every movie you've seen in a theatre. It was originally a program that only was available as a turn-key linux system. But of course, was eventually released for Mac OS and Windows.

    Because Da Vinci has a free version of their software (that offers 80% of the features of the full version), a lot of people use resolve. And I mean a LOT. The thing is, Resolve doesn't really work well on most laptops. It requires a very powerful GPU to handle rendering and video previews. Something Razer and many other gaming laptops are well suited for...

    But because it is a color correction program, you also need highly color calibrated monitors to use it properly. But for the people that aren't working on Avengers 3, we really just need something that is pretty good. Looking at you, RBS 2016 with a 100% accurate Adobe RGB screen... maybe bring that color accuracy to your other laptop screens too Razer?

    People in the creative world also tend to care a lot about how a product looks and feels. And I bought a Razer pretty much because it had power I needed, and looked like the absolute best laptop out there with these specs. So Razer is a good fit there as well.

    And finally, the real reason support for Linux would help with Resolve: There are several tests that show Resolve will render a project nearly twice as fast on Linux vs. Windows with the same hardware. TWICE AS FAST!!! So you could really use Resolve to tackle some incredible tasks, without preparing for it to crash constantly.

    Most creative people will still need windows for various software (Fuck you Adobe), but having a system that could dual boot to Linux, on a beautiful laptop, with a color accurate screen that could run resolve like a beast, on the go - would be a dream.

    On Indie film sets in particular, where you don't always get to set up a DIT tent (that's where a guy who organizes and makes 3 back ups of all the footage that was just shot), a laptop like this could be invaluable. You could even do rough color correction on the fly, right there in Da Vinci.

    PLEASE make this happen Razer.
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  5. Glittersightbit029

    Glittersightbit029 New Member

    Just got my razer stealth 13.3" and installed ubuntu-gnome 17.04 on it. Everything works! Trackpad, speakers, capslock, keyboard brightness / sound, bluetooth, webcam, microphone, wifi. Speakers actually didn't actually work at first, but I installed the newest OS update from gnome store and restarted, and then it worked fine. And sometimes on start the wifi doesn't link up immediately, but it does once I run sudo service network-manager restart. Amazingly even the hi-DPI is supported out of the box and autodetected- no messing with gnome tweak to set scaling, it just looks great after fresh install.
  6. gongzhitaao

    gongzhitaao New Member

    So basically it works out of the box now? If that is the case, i'm really considering getting one :D
  7. Glittersightbit029

    Glittersightbit029 New Member

    Yup, couple days later and still very happy. Didn't have to mess with any drivers. Also sleep / resume works well. Go for it :)
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  8. Same here. Just installed Ubuntu 17.04 on the 13.3 blade stealth I picked up a few days ago and it works perfectly (sleep, capslock, wifi, webcam). Whatever Razer fixed, I wish they'd port it over to the 12.5 inch Stealth as well.
  9. s3v3nh4cks

    s3v3nh4cks New Member

    so is this working on the 2017 17.3" Razor Pro
  10. Razer is getting there. Now I just need dual M.2 PCIE NVM SSD drives in Razer Blade, updated ports and a zero bezel. Come on Razer, you look cooler than Aorus and Dell. But the first of you to get the above, get my money!
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  11. s3v3nh4cks

    s3v3nh4cks New Member

    Ok, can someone verify if the latest 2017 Razor Pro is working with Linux Mint??
  12. I agree with a couple other comments here. 3:2 screen + linux = win. Really hope Razor follows MS lead with the 3:2 Surface Book/Laptop
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  13. JonSn0w

    JonSn0w New Member

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one to recognize this awesome combination!
    The power and portability of the Razer Blade, when combined with the efficiency and capabilities of Linux is hard to beat.
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  14. HudsonRookaird

    HudsonRookaird New Member

    Can you run kali linux on razer blade 2017
  15. ifohancroft

    ifohancroft New Member

    By the way, check this out if you haven't: https://openrazer.github.io/
    I just stumbled on it and find it awesome.

    Btw is there any official date for when we can expect Razer's software to come to Linux or place we can apply to help in achieving that or even official statement that it is in-fact coming to Linux?

    Also, how does Razer feel about the idea about open sourcing their software?
    I think it will kill the competition if the Chroma SDK/DevKit becomes Open Source so we can write our own code to control the lights and be able to put it (the Chroma) in any devices we might end up making.
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  16. KristijanZic

    KristijanZic New Member

    Hey Razer, have you seen this? Any chance it will be into the new Razer Blade Linux?
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  17. Eric_Stanek

    Eric_Stanek New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Brand new to this forum. Need an amazing Linux Laptop. I realize that Linux is not officially supported yet, but has anyone been able to get a Linux distro running on the Blade Pro 4K ? If so - which distro? Any issues?

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  18. mefb90

    mefb90 New Member

    Hi, all I would appreciate your commentaries, which distro has the best support and performance on a blade stealth 8th generation i7. Thank you in advance. Also, do you guys think Razer will provide synapse for Linux soon and a stupid question since I don't need it at all but is it possible/recommendable to overclock it in any way?
  19. Aureolinaerovine609

    Aureolinaerovine609 New Member

    I've just installed KUbuntu 17.10 and its working rather well for me. I am *occasionally* seeing the screen flicker issue that has been discussed before but it does not occur often enough to bother me. My search right now is for usb-c dongles that are known to work. There seems to be two parts to this issue, 1) is the hardware compatible 2) does Linux have the drivers.
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